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  • Andrew Neal

Why storage facilities need to quit using Sparefoot

I originally shifted my focus to helping self storage facilities take control of their own marketing after hearing the same frustrations with companies like Sparefoot from my owner/operator friends.

It was one of these friends that originally explained to me how Sparefoot's business and pricing model worked.

Once hearing their fees and model I realized that all they were doing is bidding and competing on storage facilities own keywords, collecting the lead and then essentially reselling it back to them for a massive premium.

It works like this; you own a self storage facility in Sherman Texas. You have some vacancies you're looking to fill so you contact Sparefoot. Sparefoot is bidding on keywords like "sherman tx self storage" and "self storage in Sherman" etc through Google ads. Someone searching for self storage in Sherman then clicks on the Sparefoot ad, goes to their website, fills out the form to find a vacant storage spot. Sparefoot then sells that lead back to you the self storage owner at mark up compared to what they paid. So let's say it cost them $35 to get that lead, it might be sold to you for $100.

While on the surface this seems fine and it could help you fill vacancies you don't need to use them as a middle man.

Instead you could go into Google ads, create a free ad account, setup a basic ad campaign and generate that same lead for a 1/3rd of the cost.

This is why our main goal is to help get self storage owners off of Sparefoot and generating their own leads to fill their vacancies.

The reality is MOST self storage ad campaigns are not that complicated and don't require constant daily or weekly oversight. This is why we don't charge a monthly retainer to "manage" your ad account. We charge a setup fee, create your optimized ad account, develop training videos to help you manage your campaign yourself and then give you the keys.

Our goal is to empower you to have confidence you can generate your own leads when you need them without overpaying and without expensive or confusing ongoing contracts.

If you want to take control of your marketing and lead generation for your self storage facility jump on a free discovery call.

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