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How to dominate local self storage marketing

Updated: Feb 27

Local self-storage owners are typically focused on their regional market, owning one to three facilities. However, competing against large or national operators can be overwhelming. Despite this, it is still possible to succeed. Here are a few ideas to help dominate the local self-storage market.

One critical aspect of marketing for local self-storage facilities

Search engine optimization (SEO). By optimizing a website with relevant keywords and phrases, visibility in search engine results can be improved, making it easier for potential customers to locate the facility. To accomplish this, create top-notch content, develop backlinks, and optimize meta tags and alt text. One doesn't need to be a marketing expert overnight, but consistency and an actionable blueprint are key. We can assist in figuring out a game plan, so feel free to contact us.

Another vital component of marketing for local self-storage facilities is social media. By developing a robust presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, potential customers can be engaged, and a community of loyal followers can be built. This includes sharing pictures and videos of the facility, offering promotions and discounts, and hosting events or contests. Be sure to participate in local Facebook groups, such as those for the city or farmers market. Interact with the community and mention the local self-storage facility when appropriate.

In addition, traditional marketing techniques such as local ads, flyers, brochures, and billboards can also be used. These methods can effectively reach potential customers who are not actively searching for self-storage solutions online. These more traditional offline marketing channels have proven to work well for small self-storage operators. The key is to be very targeted in who you are trying to reach.

Another effective method to attract customers is to offer a referral program for existing customers, discounts for long-term rentals, and a free moving truck rental.

In summary, marketing for local self-storage is about reaching potential customers and creating a strong online presence. By focusing on SEO, social media, traditional marketing techniques, and customer-centric services, new customers can be attracted, and the facility can remain at the forefront of their minds. Always test and track the results of marketing campaigns to avoid launching new campaigns with no way of tracking their success.

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