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Why Free Social Media Ad Campaigns?

The short answer is because we care about your success

I have spent most of my time creating videos in some capacity for the past 16 years. During this time I have really perfected the craft and art side of creating video content but have always struggled with one thing when it comes to client work.

I hated the idea of simply exchanging money for a product and then leaving my clients in the dark. Many people don't know what to do with their videos besides maybe throwing them up on youtube. This has never sat well with me and why we provide a completely free 30 day social media ad campaign.

In the last year we have spent over $25,000 running highly targeted ads across social media platforms so we know what works and what doesn't.

This is something I have committed to doing simply because I want you to find success with video marketing. It is 100% free to you.

- Andrew Neal  |  Owner